Carlos Byrne

A Noble from Sump


What does Carlos love?

Carlos is not a naïve idealist. From his father’s stories, he knows how ruthless the business world is and how fortunes can change overnight. He has heard and witnessed some of the ruthless practices of the “civilized” business world. He wants to fight the growing tide of xenophobia in the COMPOR communities and grant all aliens the same rights and privileges as humans enjoy.

What does Carlos hate?

Weak minded followers of the Chancellor.

What motivates Carlos?

The desire to reunite with Araxi in a free galaxy.

Carlos also owns a GHTROC 720 named The Athas.


Carlos is a human from Sump, a plaet on the Outer Rim. His family made their money from investments on tibanna gas futures. His father, Greum Byrne, was a big supporter of the Republic, but felt that the executive authority was a bit too decentralized and thus ineffectual. So he supported and was one of the early members of COMPOR (Committee for the Preservation of Order). COMPOR was a big supporter of Senator Palpatine and was instrumental in his installation as Supreme Chancellor. This organization eventually morphed into the COMPNOR (Committee for the Preservation of the New Order) once the Republic was dissolved.

Carlos was born into this wealth and adopted the political beliefs of his parents without question. As he got older, he began to question these beliefs. Once he was at the Academy, he was exposed to evidence of the insidious effect COMPNOR was having on aliens. One of his closest friends at the Academy on Sump (his homeworld) was an Arkanian woman named Araxi Nalbandia. Her family was dispossessed and then disappeared during her second year. He saw her for the last time on the night of her family’s disappearance. She said she was joining some friends in an underground movement that accepted aliens and would fight their oppression. He vowed to use his family’s wealth and connections to assist her efforts.

His father views him as a disappointment who is irresponsible and abusing his family’s good fortune. He has threatened to cut him off in the past, but as the only child, Carlos feels he is likely to inherit his father’s wealth and take over the investment portfolio when his father passes

Carlos Byrne

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