Human Jedi


Tem is a Human Jedi


Who are Tem’s close family members and/or friends? (names, species if different, other relevant information)_
Father: Tongo
Mother: Serena
Tem is an only child.

What is the name and species of Tem’s master, padawan, or other important Jedi influences?
Master on home world of Teth: Master Solnar is a wise old Jedi master (Khil species). An academic who teaches and seeks knowledge of the force, but avoids conflict.

What does Tem love?
Tem loves his family and community on Teth.

What does Tem hate?
Slavery because his family were former Hutt slaves.

What motivates Tem?
Tem is eager to learn more about the force and Jedi traditions. The Taung’s abilities as a warrior also fascinate him.
Tem is from an outer rim world called Teth which was rimward of Hutt space…recently controlled by the Hutts, but the planet was freed from Hutt control by the Jedi sometime shortly before the clone wars. Tem’s father was abducted as a child from another planet and sold into slavery on Teth where Tem’s parents met. Tem’s father eventually saved enough money to buy their freedom, and they currently live in a small farming village. Their simple way of life is essentially subsistence farming, hunting, and selling whatever excesses that aren’t needed. Tem’s mother was force sensitive, but never trained. During his upbringing, Tem’s mother (somewhat secretly) taught him a few uses of the force that she learned on her own. The remote village is self-governed and Tem is a sort of young deputy along with his father. Tem also hunts for food and helps on the family farm.

When the Jedi arrived, an old Khil Jedi master set up a small enclave and began teaching a few force-sensitive children in the region including Tem. In his little free time, Tem sought further training in the force from the master. At around age 18 or 19, Tem was encouraged by his master to travel to Coruscant to visit the Jedi temple as a sort of coming of age journey. The master arranged his travel and after arriving at the Jedi temple on Coruscant, Tem was unable to gain admittance initially…perhaps due to naively not conveying himself very well…and was told that the masters were unavailable at the moment. Instead he made arrangements to return in a few weeks, but had to support himself on Coruscant in the meantime. Without many credits to his name, Tem quickly found himself being engulfed by the mid- to lower levels of Coruscant…scraping together a way of life while he waits for his chance at the Jedi temple.

Perhaps due to his lack of preconceptions of the abundant new species on Coruscant, Tem is undaunted when he first meets The Taung, and through some fortuitous events, a mutual respect develops…


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