The Charismatic Trandoshan Bounty Hunter


Th’hassk is gruff and not overly loquacious. His common response to inquiries about family/friends is “They died” with modifiers being “They died well” or “They died like cowards”.
Th’hassk’s entire past is covered by “don’t ask, don’t tell”. (I just had to add this in here)

Alignment: lawful evil or Selfish/Unscrupulous… the Jedi can feel free to try and convert his way of thinking. His high charisma represents his intimidating presence, and his ability to put on a false face when he needs to.


Who are Th’hassk’s character’s close family members and/or friends?
He left his home planet early, not close with his parents, and his siblings were all killed (it’s a rough world). His friends died in the arena on the planet you are currently on, though he was not close with them either. He’s a bit of a loner and usually too harsh to get along with others, unless they serves his purpose.

What does Th’hassk love?
He loves battle and facing challenges, and he has an affinity for fire and explosions. He also finds chaos to be a situation he is comfortable in, and is happy to cause a little whenever he can.

What does Th’hassk hate?
He hates weakness, cowards, and wookiees (who are weak cowards). He also doesn’t comprehend selflessness or sacrifice.

What motivates Th’hassk?
He is motivated by his lust for battle and his desire to be a great/famous bounty hunter. The money is a secondary motivator. Unlike most Trandoshans he dislikes slavery, simply because he’s been one for a while now.


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