The Taung

Taciturn mercenary


Taung Soldier.
Ages upon ages ago, long before most remembered history, the Taung, native to the planet known as Coruscant, a race of warriors, were defeated at the hands of rival human clans upon Coruscant. The race, then known as Taung, fled to the distant rim of the galaxy known as the Sky River. These Taung eventually became feared throughout the galaxy having renamed themselves Mandalorians, after their great clan chief Mandalore.
what was never known by the Taung’s now distant cousins, was that one small clan of Taung remained upon Coruscant, waiting…
…but the ages past, and what the Clan of the Last Taung waited for was forgotten. Slowly the blood thinned. Slowly did the clan diminish. Squalor was the way of life. The great city planet rose up around them, and buried them deep, forgotten by all, even them.
The last of his kind has crawled from the bowels of Coruscant. He has cut himself a reputation, rumor and chaos precedes him, follow him. A moniker assigned in jest, for no one believes that to be the truth, myths do not walk the streets of Coruscant, he’s known only as The Taung…..

(and no one has been polite enough to ask him his name anyway)


Who are the Taung’’s close family members and/or friends?
As far as The Taung knows, he is now the lone member of his specie. The remnant clan that remained upon Coruscant after the Taung were defeated millennia ago has finally dwindled to this lone male. The Taung has not spoken to anyone about his upbringing, then again, no one has asked. Since emerging from the depths of Corscant’s undercity, The Taung has provided hired muscle for those that would pay him. Given the available work for such skills, The Taung has quite simply idled a few years away being a thug.

What does The Taung love?
Combat. The Taung relishes fighting. The Taung does not fight simply to fight. But once a fight ensues, The Taung feels that everything is right in the universe. Combat can be fleeting and should be savored, for combat can end as suddenly as it began.
Combat is sacred in a sense.
The Taung respects fighting as an ideal state of being. The Taung is well aware such a state cannot be maintained indefinitely, which is why the moments of fighting are so precious to The Taung.
This does not mean that The Taung is some sort of “honorable” fighter or combatant. Quite the contrary, victory in combat is what is sought and any means to a victory is just as viable as any other.

What does The Taung hate?
The Taung does not often hate anything. It has been some time since hate was forefront in The Taung’s mind or heart.

What motivates The Taung?
Combat. Facing new foes in Combat. Devising new paths to victory in combat.
Money. The money that is paid to The Taung by The Taung’s “paymasters”.
Seeing to it that others enjoy combat as The Taung enjoys it. And, if others cannot enjoy the combat or fight gifted to them, The Taung will enjoy the combat for them in their stead, sometimes even for free….

The Taung

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