The Jedi in a crisis of faith


Character Alignment
Lawful Good/Neutral Good – the good of all people come before everything else, but the Jedi Code at times comes in conflict with that, or at least the way the Jedi Code is interpreted by the Jedi themselves. Something doesn’t feel right………..

He was born on one of the herd ships of Ithor. His family was a grower and seller of spice and botanicals. At age 6, a visiting Jedi sensed Thorun’s sensitivity, and inquired about him. He recommended that Thorun go to the temple on Coruscant and train to be a Jedi. His family would not allow it. They required his help to tend to the fields and to work the shop. Normally, most in the Ithorian race would feel privileged and honored by such a request, as not many Ithorians are known to be Jedi, however, Thorun’s family believed his family need outweighed Thorun’s, and Thorun agreed.

At age 12, with his family’s business being overrun by larger operations, the need for Thorun to remain was no longer necessary, so they booked a transport for him to go to Coruscant to train at the Jedi temple. His sensitivity to the force was remarkable, for one who was as old as he was, with no training. He was accepted as an initiate.

Thorun’s training went well. He was not as gifted in abilities such as strength or agility (compared to other initiates) but his attunement to the force was extraordinary. He mastered the simplest of tasks, and found that use of the force came as easily to him as use of his hands or legs. He thought of the force as a living entity, as a companion in life with him. He passed his initiate trials and was taken as a padawan to Jedi Knight Adari Etima (human)

Etima was less than thrilled to take on a Padawan. He was a Jedi Investigator often alone due to the nature of his missions. He also was not happy that Thorun did not excel in combat, especially light saber dueling (Etima had been his clans champ when he was an initiate). The council thought this would be a good fit to help Thorun work on areas he lacked, and Etima learn some “soft skills”.

The pair learned much from each other. Thorun learned that technique is much more important than brute strength. And Etima learned that the force was more than a tool; that as it binds everyone together, it also is a life unto itself. After several years together, Etima resigned his post as an Investigator, and focused more on what the Force can do for all of life. He became a researcher, along with being a diplomat in smaller mid core worlds and beyond.

Inside, Etima began to doubt the role that the Jedi play in universe. He believed that the Jedi Order had become static. He thought that the Order believed only in itself, and was arrogant even in its own humbleness. He never communicated his thoughts and feelings directly to Thorun, but his actions spoke volumes. Thorun gleaned much from his master. Thorun’s respect for the Jedi and its code is monumental in his life, however he’s beginning to think in new ways, and he does not think that his master is wrong. Thorun is not sure how to handle these new conflicts of conscience.

This was Thorun’s first mission without his master. His experiences on the Planet Korrigan and time spent with the old Jedi Hermit further brings into question his possible future.


Who are Thorun’s close family members and/or friends?
Father – Tendo
Mother Celwa
Numerous siblings (apparently male Ithorians can produce thousands of offspring, who

He is no longer close with his family. They enter his thoughts from time to time but he knows that the Living Force is there to guide and help them.

What does Thorun love?
Thorun loves life. He believes that all creatures have a purpose in the galaxy. And he loves the Living Force. He feels that the Living Force is a sentient entity that is his companion in life.

What does Thorun hate?
Thorun has never experienced “hate”. Even as an initiate, with all of the adolescent and pubescent hormones raging, when ever he was teased for not being strong or agile, he recognized this, and did not feel it was a flaw, but felt it was who he was, and was something he could work on. He has a dislike for those who do not honor life, but he wishes to teach them how to honor that life. He is also starting to wonder if the Jedi honor life and the Living Force in the same way he does…….

What motivates Thorun?
Thorun wants to learn all there is about the Living Force. Not for personal gain, but in the same way that close companions want to learn more about each other. He wants to be able to use his abilities for the good of all in the galaxy, and help the Living Force and knowledge of it spread across the lands as he travels.


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